The Lycan Purge

Daily Journal
What happened?!

Sypheros 18th

We were settling in for a nice dinner when a Lycan from a distant village entered our town. After he met with our town Shaman, there was a town meeting. It was revealed that the Silver Flame was imprisoning all lycanthropes that went willingly and killing any that tried to resist. Shortly after his warning, a trumpet blast announced a regiment of knights of the Silver Flame had approached. The paladin leading them read off a decree.

Roarc tried to speak with them, but their cleric identified him as a lycan, thereby losing all credibility with the group. Since things were not going well diplomatically, we shifted and attacked. They attacked as well, with silvered weapons. The charging horses and silver lances were too much for us to handle. But we delayed them enough for the majority of the village to escape to the caves east of town.

Our tactical retreat led us to the mouth of a cave where the cluster of villagers was waiting. The caves were full of monsters and vermin that needed to be dealt with. We led the way and killed a vicious basalisk and a nest of ankhegs. We blocked off an area that led to swarms of spiders. The villagers thanked us for getting them to freedom and sent us to Varna to meet with the thieves guild, who were wererats.

Sypheros 28th

We arrived in Varna to find the Silver Flame fully entrenched. After some dealings with local shopkeeps we delved into the underbelly of the sewers to gain access to the rats. They took us in with welcome for the assistance we may bring. They showed us the most dangerous thing we have ever witnessed. An afflicted wererat went into complete moonrage and killed another. They can spread lycanthropy now, and go insane whenever they shift or even get hurt during daylight! It turns out that the Silver Flame started their crusade in response to these afflicted spreading like a plague.

Sypheros 4
Our goals have shifted from taking out the silver flame to stopping this new curse. The afflicted rats attacked in an organized mass. They have been doing that, taking a large toll on the natural borns of the thieves guild, but were not challenge to us. “JASON” seemed to go a little strange while fighting them, but denied any change.

We set a trap for these afflicted rats to see what is making them target the natural born and shopkeeps in this section of town. After a raid on the tailor’s shop, we captured a living one. It turns out to be a form of mental domination that was controlling their actions. Someone is using them as a weapon. We think it is The Flame.


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